With Your Help, Film Works for California…

With Your Help, Film Works for California…

from: FilmWorksLA.com

As another beautiful sunny weekend in Southern California approaches, Film Works decided to make a post to remind supporters of the many ways they can take action to help promote the campaign and keep Film Working for California:

1. Create an “I am Hollywood” Video.  Submit a 30 to 60-second “I am Hollywood” video to our YouTube channel.  The purpose of the “I am Hollywood” videos is threefold: 1) to put a face on those impacted by the industry; 2) encourage participation and engagement from its supporters; 3) and to provide a cohesive narrative from the tens of thousands of entertainment industry workers on why Hollywood matters not only to them, but to everyone in the Los Angeles area and California.  See the following submission from location manager Kristi Frankenheimer for an example:

2. Become a Film Works Guest Blogger.  Write and submit one 250-500 word essay of publishable quality for the Film Works blog.  Topics could include, but are not limited to: a profile of a local business sustained by the film industry, or the importance of local filming to you, your family or your employer.  If you’d like, you can discuss article topics ahead of time in the comments below.

3.  Become a Film Works Ambassador.  Have a lot of Film Works pride?  Then take it to the streets — and to the local businesses where you spend your filming-related wages.   Order a “We Support Local Filming” cling and persuade just one local business to let you post it in the door or front window.  Snap a photo of your achievement and send it to info@filmworksla.com, along with the business name and phone number, so we can thank them ourselves.

4.  Order a Film Works baseball hat, which come in fitted and adjustable styles and are sure to impress–especially if you work on a set.

5.  Become a fan of Film Works on Facebook, “like” the Film Works web site, and encourage others to do the same.

6.  Download and print the Film Works fact sheet and share it with your family and friends to help educate them about the importance of the film and television industry to the region.

7.  Follow Film Works on Twitter.

8.  Subscribe to the Film Works YouTube Channel.

9.  Request a Film Works bumper sticker and be sure to display it.

10.  Film Works also encourages you to watch the following video and then email it to as many people you know, especially if they live in California!  Let’s get a conversation going about the benefits this industry brings, and start saying “thanks” to the local communities doing all they can to be film friendly:


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