$20.2 Million in 93 Days

from: FilmWorksLA.com –

From September to November 2009, one major motion picture filmed in Los Angeles and spent $20,210,176.  For confidentiality reasons, the name of the film has been withheld.  The following is a detailed breakdown of how that money was spent:

Hotel room days: 213 $66,061
Car rental days: 655 $45,070
Catering, bakery goods & other food items $751,790
Hardware & lumber supplies $716,678
Secretarial personnel, equipment (Xerox, phones etc) $243,560
Local wardrobe purchased $1,374,397
Dry cleaning $66,046
Gasoline $264,234
Location fees public $69,500
Location fees private $1,566,405
City, county and other governmental permit fees $273,885
Off-duty personnel (police, fire etc) $135,749
Local extras hired $324,148
Local security hired $327,917
Per Diem payments $21,049
Local hires (carpenters, electricians etc.) $5,848,083
Other rentals $3,869,422
Other purchases: $4,246,182
GRAND TOTAL SPENT: $20,210,176

Days on location:

Prep/construction: 90; Shoot: 47; Wrap/strike:40

Overall shoot days at all locations for project: 93

Number of Local Hires:

Cast:43; Crew: 924; Extras (in man/days): 988

Clearly, the economic impact of just a portion of the spending for one major film has a massive impact that ripples throughout the California economy.  The next time you see a shoot taking place in your community, please try and remember how much Film Works for California.





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