California Film Commission Approves 26 Projects for Latest Tax Credit Allocation

California Film Commission Approves 26 Projects for Latest Tax Credit Allocation

Projects Will Spend an Estimated $802 Million in California, Including $230 Million in Wages for Below‐the‐Line Crew

The California Film Commission today announced the list of projects selected to receive production tax credits as part of the latest round of the state’s Film and Television Tax Credit Program.

The 26 projects were selected via a lottery held on June 2nd – the first day of the application period for the latest $100 million round of credits. The lottery involved a record 497 project applications (a 30 percent increase over the prior year).

Consistent with the tax credit program’s goal of preserving in‐state film and TV production, the 26 projects will generate an estimated $802 million in direct spending in California, including $230 million in wages for the below‐the‐line crew members.

With the addition of this latest round of 26 approved projects, California’s Film and Television Tax Credit Program (which launched in 2009) will be responsible for helping generate a total of $5.39 billion in direct in‐state spending, including $1.7 billion in below‐the‐line wages.

“Now in its sixth year, California’s tax credit program has proven to be our most effective economic development tool for retaining and attracting production jobs, spending and tax revenues,” said Amy Lemisch, executive director of the California Film Commission. “The projects that receive our tax credit incentive will have a broad impact across the state’s economy as they create jobs and support thousands of small businesses.”

Immediately following the lottery on June 2nd, the Film Commission selected a total of 23 projects conditionally for tax credits. Upon review and verification of each application, some of these projects were deemed ineligible and withdrawn from consideration. This cleared the way for additional projects to be selected from the waiting list before the entire $100 million annual tax credit allocation was reserved. Today’s announcement regarding the updated list of 26 projects follows provisions in the state’s tax credit program, which prohibit the Film Commission from reserving a new round of credits until the beginning of the state’s fiscal year on July 1st.

It is important to note that the 26 approved projects have cleared only the first step in the process towards receiving a tax credit allocation. Each will receive a tax credit certificate only after it: 1) creates jobs in‐state, 2) completes post production, and 3) has all its required documentation, including audited cost reports, reviewed by the Film Commission. As in past years, the Film Commission expects some approved projects to withdraw from the program due to scheduling delays or other production related issues. When a project withdraws, the Film Commission reassigns its tax credits to the next project on the wait list.

The 26 projects include:

  • 11 Feature Films
  • 2 Made for TV Movies
  • 13 TV SeriesAcross all categories, the breakdown includes 15 studio and 11 independent projects.Among the projects announced today is a TV series – BET’s “Being Mary Jane” – which is relocating from Georgia for its third season due to its selection for California’s tax credit program. Previously relocated TV series still participating in the program include MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and BET’s “Let’s Stay Together.” Both shows relocated to California from Georgia, and each is gearing up for its fifth season. Other TV series that relocated to California due to the tax credit program but are no longer in production include ABC’s “Body of Proof” (from Rhode Island) and BBC’s “Torchwood” (from the UK).The complete list of projects approved for California’s latest $100 million round of film and TV tax credits is attached. Note that the list may be revised as projects withdraw from the program and tax credits are reassigned to those currently on the wait list.



All Summer Long – A Beach Boys Musical

Twentieth Century Fox

Feature Film


Being Mary Jane

BET Networks

TV Series (Basic Cable)


Casa Vita

Akutan Productions, Inc.

Indie Movie of the Week



Premonition Productions, Inc.

Indie Feature Film



Postmortem Pictures, LLC

Indie Feature Film


Franklin & Bash

Sony Pictures Television

TV Series (Basic Cable)


Hit the Floor

Film Syndicate

TV Series (Basic Cable)


Is That a Gun In Your Pocket?

The Vault, Inc.

Indie Feature Film



Sony Pictures Television

TV Series (Basic Cable)



Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Group, Inc.

TV Series (Basic Cable)


Let’s Stay Together

Viacom International Inc.

TV Series (Basic Cable)



American Zoetrope

Indie Feature Film


Major Crimes

Warner Bros. Pictures

TV Series (Basic Cable)


Message from the King

Ink Factory, Inc.

Indie Feature Film


Murder in the First

Turner North Center Productions Inc.

TV Series (Basic Cable)



FTP Productions, LLC

TV Series (Basic Cable)


Pretty Little Liars

Horizon Scripted Television Inc.

TV Series (Basic Cable)


Prodigal Daughter

Treptow Limited

Indie Movie of the Week


Public, The

The Public Productions LLC

Indie Feature Film


Rizzoli & Isles

Horizon Scripted Television Inc.

TV Series (Basic Cable)



Universal City Studios LLC

Feature Film



Night & Day Pictures

Indie Feature Film



Lamprey Productions, LLC

Indie Feature Film


Switched at Birth

Prodco, Inc.

TV Series (Basic Cable)


Teen Wolf

MTV Networks

TV Series (Basic Cable)



Mockingbird Pictures

Indie Feature Film

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