George Lucas Talks the State of the Industry at Sundance Panel

George Lucas Talks the State of the Industry at Sundance Panel

from: Thea Green,

George Lucas, the director known for making one of the largest and most-loved franchises of all time, believes the present and future state of the industry leave something to be desired.

Lucas, who created a blockbuster that in some ways defined modern story structure in films, mentioned at a Sundance that he believes modern movies are “more and more circus without any substance behind it.” A recent piece in Variety covered some of Lucas’s thoughts on Star Wars and studios on a panel with Robert Redford.

For those who potentially criticize Lucas for creating by-the-book stories, Lucas challenges them to see the Star Wars again and notice its plot, themes, and intricate character development. “If you go into Star Wars and see what’s going on there, there’s a lot more substance than circus,” he said.

Star Wars arrived not so long after Lucas graduated from film school, which gave him the incredible curiosity to go against the grain when it came to filmmaking, trying to steer away from working with major studios. “All of us in film school hated the establishment,” he mentioned. “It was the ’60s.”

The world of YouTube is especially confusing to Lucas, who doesn’t understand the obsession with watching videos of ordinary things. “I would never guess people would watch cats do stupid things all day long,” Lucas said.

Robert Redford, however, had a brighter take on the future of film, especially since this year’s Sundance dramatic competition has seen a huge number of female directed films. “Young people are really, really smart — years ago it seemed like they were disenchanted with the system,” Redford said. “Now they want the reins.”

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