Hollywood fights back against Hollywood South

Hollywood fights back against Hollywood South

from: WWL.com

The California Legislature approved a bill that would more than triple the funding for California’s film and TV tax credit program.

What impact will this have on Hollywood South?

Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment, Chris Stelly, does not think it will.

“We do expect the Louisiana entertainment brand in our state’s film industry to continue to remain strong, despite the shifting strategies of other states and nations.”

The measure would boost funding for California’s film incentives to $330 million a year for five years. California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign that legislation into law.

The legislation hopes to make California more competitive in the TV and film industry with rival states like Louisiana.

Stelly says Louisiana has built a great infrastructure for television and film production over the past 10 years. He says it’s more than just tax incentives that make “Hollywood South” attractive to the industry.

“And Louisiana’s business operating cost can be far more favorable in maximizing any production’s bottom line,” Stelly said.

Currently more films are shot in Louisiana than in Hollywood.

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