Judd Apatow Loves to Shoot Close to Home

Judd Apatow Loves to Shoot Close to Home

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Not only is Judd Apatow a great writer, but he is an all around great filmmaker and he does not like to shoot to far from home as you will hear him explain in this video acceptance clip he made because he was being honored at the 2011 COLA (California On Location Awards) Awards Show (which he could not attend because he was already on his next film in Louisiana, I am joking of course!)

Judd is also a parent and does not like to be away from his kids I would be willing to bet (and wife, sorry Leslie).

In case your not familiar with some of Judd’s movies, I will link his IMDB Page Here.

Please note how serious Judd takes this issue of runaway production in the clip below.

For a guy that writes comedy, he is pretty sullen and serious.

I have met him a few times and I found him to be much lighter (not taling about your weight Judd) in person.

I am going to ask that you submit a video  to this blog so you can express yourself in the same eloquent and professional manner that Judd has done.

You can let us know about your clip by emailing us at SHOOTMOVIESINCALIFORNIA@GMAIL.COM.

Here is the clip:

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