LA City Fire Posts New Helipad Filming Conditions

LA City Fire Posts New Helipad Filming Conditions

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Production Alert:   The Los Angeles City Fire Department has posted new filming conditions for use of helipads in Griffith Park (Vista Helipad) and Elysian Park (Bishop Canyon Helipad). Filmmakers who contemplate use of these properties for filming should expect to comply with the following set of LAFD rules:

 An on-site Fire Inspector is required to be on the helipad at all times (Spotchecks will be allowed on a case-by-case basis, only upon review by LAFD).

 All vehicles parked on the helipad shall be parked and attended to in such a manner that ALL vehicles can be vacated from the helipad in five minutes (This determination will be made by LAFD).

 No standing sets, catering trucks, generators, dressing rooms or other equipment that cannot be immediately removed or driven off the helipad is allowed.

 All vehicles in the vicinity (“vicinity” to be determined by the on-site Fire Inspector) of the helipad shall be parked on only one side of the road.

 In the event of a fire, the Fire Inspector will direct, as necessary, to vacate the helipad or evacuate the park. This directive must be strictly obeyed, regardless of the status of the filming activity. Location Managers must be aware of this potential risk!

 Production companies are responsible for restoring the helipad to its original condition.  Pyrotechnics, stunts or special effects require the approval of the Park Film Office Supervisor

prior to making contact with the LAFD Film Unit.

 A walk-thru by a sworn LAFD Film Unit member shall be completed 48 hours prior to the first day of filming.

FilmL.A. and LAFD appreciate your attention to these new conditions. As always, should you have questions about filming in the City of Los Angeles, we encourage you to call FilmL.A.’s Production Planning Department at 213.977.8600.

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