Naming Names, and Numbers

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I saw a great film tonight called “The Help”. You can read about it in more depth here.

The reason I bring this up?  Although “The Help” was a novel, we know that these things happened and worse.  Back in the early 60′s there was this thing in the south called segregation.  It’s hard to believe that this could happen in this country, but it did.  What does this have to do with this article?  We are in a position to “help”.

We can help ourselves to get  Assembly Bill 1069 which was carried by Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes to pass the Senate Appropriations Committee and move to the Senate Floor for a YES vote.

This bill brings jobs to California and Los Angeles and if it does not pass, we are in for much more trouble than we are already in.

Many other states are offering tax incentives to lure work from California that might have shot here.

These tax incentives for better or for worse are not going away any time soon and the California Senate has only one thing to do;

Vote Yes

Here is The List of Senators on the Appropriations Committee that will vote on whether this bill moves onto the Senate and then to Gov. Jerry Browns desk for his signature.

  1. Senator Christine Kehoe (Chair) Phone: (916) 651-4039
  2. Senator Mimi Walters (Vice Chair) (916) 651-4033
  3. Senator Elaine Alquist (916) 651-4013
  4. Senator Bill Emmerson (916) 651-4037
  5. Senator Ted W. Lieu (310) 318-6994
  6. Senator Fran Pavley (310) 314-5214,(805) 815-3917,(818) 831-6082
  7. Senator Curren Price (213)745-6656
  8. Senator Sharon Runner (661) 286-1471
  9. Senator Darrell Steinberg (916) 651-4006

Please contact all of these Senators and keep it short and simple, it’s 9 phone calls that can really impact your future greatly one way or another. While your at it, make your 10th call to Jerry Brown.

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

Here is a sample of what you can say:

“Hi my name is ________ and I work in the film industry, I have seen a huge reduction in my work and do not want to move out of California to Louisiana, please vote to extend the tax credit in our beautiful state another 5 years and also consider increasing the yearly total another 100 Million Dollars.”

Please forward this article to all your family and friends so that they can also contact these Senators.

Lets show these Senators that we care about the extension of this bill and do not want to pack up our lives here in California and move to some state that has drive thru Daiquiri bars.


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