Sacramento Mobilization Day

Sacramento Mobilization Day

Mobilization Day – Support Rally for AB1839

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

11:30a – 2:00p

California State Capitol, North Lawn (faces L Street)
1400 Tenth Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Assembly Bill 1839 (Gatto/Bocanegra) has reached a critical juncture.  Please join us in Sacramento for ourfinal opportunity to gather and show support for this bill before it goes to its final votes. This will be our last chance to show the legislators and Governor that we all stand together in solidarity supporting this bill.

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Our Goals for the Day

  1. Demonstrate to California state legislators and the Governor the critical nature of the threat that film and television production face in California, and the strength of statewide support for AB 1839.
  2. Create an educational environment for all those in and around the Capitol to learn more about film industry jobs, and the local and small businesses directly impacted by the film production industry.


This is why we need YOUR help and active participation on August 20!

The All-Too-Familiar Facts:

  • When film productions come to California they put people to work:  local production crew members, equipment rental outlets, specialty vendors, restaurants, gyms, grocery stores, gas stations, clothing stores, tourism and hospitality businesses, and many others.  What productions don’t bring with them on location, they purchase locally.
  • Out of 54 big-budget ($100-250 million) feature films in 2012 & 2013 only one shot exclusively in California.
  • In 2013, California ranked fourth, behind Louisiana, Canada, and the United Kingdom in total number of big-budget, live-action feature projects, jobs, and related spending.
  • More than 40 other states and many countries are aggressively and successfully luring away this major California industry, to reap the economic benefits generated by film production.  They do this by offering film incentives that exceed California’s in availability and scope.

AB 1839 will change the status quo and bring film and television projects back to California!
 California needs your physical support, your presence, and your voice to help get this bill passed.
During the rally we will have different areas with volunteers stationed in each, as well as scheduled times for attendees to gather by the stage, disperse around the lawn area, etc.  We need you to RSVP so we can organize effectively.

Please join us in Sacramento on August 20 for a fun and important day at the State Capitol.
Please note: Lunch will be provided to all those that have RSVP’d, attend and participate in this event.

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