Television Executives Talk State of the Industry

Television Executives Talk State of the Industry

from: Thea Green,

In the last few years, the television business has completely transformed itself through new VOD streaming platforms and increasingly bold content.

With Netflix and Amazon both producing highly acclaimed shows like House of Cards and Transparent that allow for binge-watching, the scope of where it is possible to go with television continues to widen. At a recent panel at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts covered in Variety, executives from Netflix, Sony Pictures Television and AMC chatted about the business and where it’s headed.

Steve Mosko, president of Sony Pictures Television, believes that television will evolve into a bigger business than features over time. “The entertainment industry will be driven by the television business and not the movie business,” Mosko predicted. “I think the motion picture business is still a great business, but there’s just so much television being produced — and so much good television being produced. A lot of the big creative moves are coming out of television as well — and that’s exciting.”

Ed Carroll, COO of AMC, thinks that it is a thrilling time for television because scripts are being produced that never would have seen the screen even a few years ago. “In five years it’s gone from ‘you can’t make a TV series about that’ to reading that script and saying, ‘Someone’s going to make this TV series,’” Carroll mentioned. “Everything won’t work, but the way we keep score has changed.”

In terms of platforms and different types of content, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos mentioned that multiple avenues allow something for everyone. “I don’t think there’s a saturation point,” Sarandos said. “It’s like I’ve never heard anyone complain that there are too many great restaurants. Everyone just has to find their favorite.” (Variety)

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