Transitioning From Locations Magazine to Beyond Cinema

Transitioning From Locations Magazine to Beyond Cinema


With the recent launch of our new Beyond Cinema magazine, we have received some questions in our office concerning our former publication, Locations Magazine. I wanted to send a brief note to clear any confusion.

Essentially, all the elements of the previous Locations Magazine have been merged into Beyond Cinema, which has expanded editorial to include exclusive talent interviews, features, mainstream entertainment content, special features on filmmaking, incentives, production finance – and certainly, locations.

Through the new Beyond Cinema publication, we have been able to expand our official distribution to festivals and industry guilds, with an increased circulation of over 30,000 per issue. Given the benefits from our Beyond Cinema publication, AFCI’s Locations Magazine is no longer being published.

It appears that our previous publisher of Locations Magazine, Boutique Editions, has launched a publication called Location 2013. You may have received information for their publication. It is important to clarify that we are no longer affiliated with Boutique Editions and their Location 2013 is not an AFCI publication.

We are looking forward to our expanded services that will be available through Beyond Cinema, and the value it will bring to each of our members. If you have any questions about our new media partner, I am happy to help.

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