TV Crew’s Helicopter Crash Caught on Tape

TV Crew’s Helicopter Crash Caught on Tape

ABC News’ Kelly McKelvey reports:

The cameras were turned on a crew shooting a new hunting show when their helicopter crashed and all of it was caught on tape by their own cameras.

Jeron Detty, a producer with Detty Outdoors LLC, was filming in New Mexico last month with his editor, Shane Yamamoto, and Becky Lou Lacock, the host of Double Lung Outdoors TV, when they decided to take a helicopter flight.

The helicopter had just emerged from a canyon when a gust of wind caught its rotors. The pilot tried to pull the chopper back up but instead it crashed to the ground.

“We hit the ground, skidded a little bit and rolled over,” said Detty, who turned on his camera as soon as he could see that the helicopter was going to crash.

Detty, a former law enforcement officer, went into, in his words, “crisis-management mode,” to calmLacock and Yamamoto, both of whom were stuck in the debris, and free the pilot, who was not seriously injured.

Lacock’s hand was pinned between the helicopter and the ground.

“Jeron came and lifted it off and my hand came out just like that,” she said.

Yamamoto was the most hurt of the three and also the last to be rescued from the accident scene.

“I could tell he was hurting pretty bad,” said Detty. “I lifted him up, unbuckled him and set him down on the ground.”

Lacock suffered a broken knuckle while Yamamoto broke four ribs. Detty learned he had suffered a concussion in the crash only after he returned home to Ohio, where his production company is based.

“We were all very lucky,” said Lacock. “It was definitely a huge reality check. It can happen at any moment.”

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