What Do the Oscars Mean to You?

What Do the Oscars Mean to You?

from: FilmWorksLA.com

It’s that time again: Awards Season. The red carpet will be scattered with designer gowns, impeccable suits, actors, directors producers and, of course, numerous films garnering awards that are rightly-and sometimes not rightly-deserving of their proper accolades, according to whom you speak with. The Mac-daddy of all film awards is coming this month: The Oscars.

This year, The 84th Academy Awards are being held on the 26 of February, in case you didn’t know. What many of you do know, however, is what the winners will do when they get up there. They will thank the producers, they will thank the directors, they will thank the studios and they will thank the editors (if they are smart). The night will continue with best and worst dressed lists and people being disappointed and/or happy to be nominated when their film did not earn its pursued award. Let’s go back a couple steps, shall we?

What are the awards truly about? Thinking about the Oscars, many things came to mind, fantasizing (don’t lie, I know most people in this industry have) that I win an Academy Award and I asked myself one question: what would I say if I won? Then it dawned on me. I shouldn’t need a special occasion to be thankful. I should be thankful every day.

I believe everyone should be thankfulevery day. Don’t get me wrong, winning any award is an honor, but I believe that to even break into the entertainment industry is a feat in and of itself and that whatever level we are on, we should be thankful where we are, what part we have in film and television and know that we are living the dream that so many aspire to achieve.

The daily grime of our jobs seems to put a hamper on the gratitude we should be having. The editor who loathes doing a weekly spot when all they wanted was to do an on-air promo without freelancing, the key-grip who cannot stand doing 18+ hour shoots when they have dreamed of just being on a film set, or the screenwriter who is complaining about writer’s block on a deadline when all they ever wanted was for someone to read their script, let alone tell them what changes to complete.

We forget to take a look at our lives from an outsiders perspective. We are blessed. We have jobs in the industry we always wanted. We should never let any revisions, script-changes, or 18+ hour shoots ruin the drive we had while on the cusp of entering the industry.

If I had a say in an Oscar speech, I would thank every filmmaker that decided to direct a film. I would thank every producer that decided to make a film andevery writer that ever put pen to paper. I would thank the crews that worked on a delayed salary because they wholeheartedly believed in a project, I would thank the people thatlive for film, because on set is their real life and when they come home, that’s work.

I would thank those people, because every day the films they create inspire someone to break out of their barriers and try something new; they make that person who has that screenplay in their drawer finally send it out, that person who always wanted to direct a film, to purchase a camera. They give those people the nudge, they give me a nudge. For that, I will always be grateful.

So, my question to those in the film industry: who, or what, would you thank if you won an Academy Award?

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